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Tuition Assistance

Program Fees:*

Cost for each three week session is $225.00 per student and $200.00 for each additional student in the family.

Cost for participating in both sessions is $430.00 per student and $410.00 for each additional student participating in both sessions.

*Fees subject to change.

Tuition Assistance:
Tuition assistance may be available. Please review the Tuition Assistance Information below and complete the Tuition Assistance Application if you qualify.

      Tuition Assistance Information
      Tuition Assistance Application

For additional information, please contact the Junior Lifeguard Coordinator at (805) 574-4101.

If you are interested in making a donation, please contact us at (805) 473-7248.

ODJG Cadet Packet

Cadet Information:

The Cadet program is growing and has proven it is an integral part of our JG program. The goal in mind with training our Cadets and utilizing them as JG Instructor assistants is to allow them to funnel into our Lifeguard program if they are interested. We guide these Cadets towards becoming more proficient Junior Lifeguards as well as aiding in assisting in our daily operations. They will learn higher advanced medical skills, AHA CPR certifications as well as a better understanding for the ocean environment. It is a great opportunity for the students to gain experience and volunteer hours for the State as well as free admission (excluding the $50 uniform fee) into our program.

To become an Oceano Junior Lifeguard Cadet your child must complete the following:

  • Prehire Informatio Packet
  • Volunteer Service Agreement (DPR 208K)
  • State Parks Volunteer Application (208H)
  • Employee/Volunteer Pre-Designation of Personal Physician (DPR 615)
  • Essential Functions Health Questionnaire (STD 910)
  • Visual Media Consent (DPR 993)
  • Volunteer Confidential Information (DPR 208D)
  • Pre-Employment/Conviction Disclosure (DPR 883)
  • Employment Arrest/Conviction Disclosure (DPR 883 p1)
  • Live Scan Service (BCII 8016) - *which the State reimburses 
  • Authorization to use privately owned vehicles (STD 261)
  • Emergency Notification (DPR 060)

We will hold a Pre-Training for the Cadets in Spring 2018, dates TBA.

All forms will be attached soon, please read them carefully and email or call if you have any questions.