Winter Safety

Cold is cool, if you are prepared!

Winter activity safety is the most important issue to keep in mind when recreating in the cold. When outside, please remember the following safety tips: 

  1. Dress for the cold. With unpredictable conditions and strenuous activity, it is hard to know what you will need.
    • Dress in layers. Starting with insulating fabrics and use a final layer of protective fabrics on top.
    • Avoid 100 percent cotton garmets, stick to wool or synthetics instead.
    • Keep your head, neck and hands covered and wear waterproof boots. 

  2. Do not forget Sunscreen. Although it is cold the sun's rays are just as strong as summer months, and the snow's reflectiveness and the higher altitude amplifies them.
    • Use sunscreen and lipbalm. 
    • Sunglasses or goggles will help prevent snow blindness.

  3. Bring additional essentials.  There are more than you might think.
    • Pack and drink lots of water. It is easy to get dehydrated in the higher altitudes.
    • Bring at least an extra day's supply of food. 
    • Do not forget a navigational tools and spare charger for your cell phone.
    • Bring matches or a lighter and a flashlight.

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