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We are now hiring a Chief Information Officer (CIO) to join our executive team at California State Parks.

As the Chief Information Officer (CIO), you’ll oversee California State Parks Information Technology (IT). This includes IT Project and Portfolio Management, Network and Client Services, and Web and Application Development. Explore this exciting opportunity today!

Apply: Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Salary: $10,831 - $12,903 (monthly)

Apply Today

The Park Maintenance Assistant and Worker I Assessments have been released!

As a member of our Facilities and Park Maintenance Division, you’ll work on various restoration projects and keep our parks clean and operational for all.

Park Maintenance Assistant Assessment
Salary: $3,412 - $3,905 (monthly)

Park Maintenance Worker I Assessment
Salary: $3,719 - $4,663 (monthly)

Self-Schedule opens on February 13!

Explore our exciting career opportunities within our Facilities and Park Maintenance Division!

The Museum Curator I Assessment is now available. If you have two years of experience as a Museum Technician or two years of experience in museum work involving registration, preservation, or interpretation, apply for this assessment today!

Museum Curator I Assessment

Salary: $4,519 - $5,589 (monthly)

Apply for the Museum Curator I Assessment by February 13!

The Lifeguard (Permanent Intermittent) Assessment is now available. If you have six months of open water lifeguard experience, a valid driver's license, and an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification, apply for this assessment today

Lifeguard (PI) Assessment

Pay: $19.73 – $ 22.14 (hourly)

Apply for the Lifeguard (Permanent Intermittent) Assessment by February 13!

The Senior State Archeologist Assessment is now available. If you have two years of experience as an Associate State Archeologist or five years of experience in cultural resource management and protection programs, then apply for this assessment today!

Salary: $7,290 - $9,062 (monthly)

Apply by February 24!

Senior State Archeologist Assessments

Did you know you could get paid to work in the great outdoors and teach others about California’s beautiful State Parks?

Interpreters play an essential role in making visitors feel welcome and sharing knowledge through fun activities and educational programming!

With multiple positions available statewide, view current State Park Interpreter Openings and apply today!

Learn more about Interpretation and Education Careers.

The Aquatic Pest Control Assessments are now available. Are you interested in working an exciting outdoor career centered around boating on the Delta? Come Live the Parks Life an Aquatic Pest Control Technician/Specialist at California State Parks!

Aquatic Pest Control Technician Assessment
Salary: $2,786 - $4,336 (month)

Aquatic Pest Control Specialist Assessment
Salary: $3,600- $5,614 (month)

These assessments now have a bi-annual cut-off date! Apply for the Aquatic Pest Control Assessments by February 1!

Our California State Parks Communication Operators are emergency dispatchers that monitor emergency communications systems, answer calls for service, log incidents, and dispatch field units to emergencies.

Apply to take the Communications Operator assessment today and begin your parks career in this exciting and rewarding opportunity!

Communications Operator Assessment

Salary: $4,090 - $6,373 (monthly)

Learn more about the exciting career opportunities as a Communications Operator!

Passionate about protecting California’s natural and cultural resources through forest stewardship? Desire meaningful work?

Make a difference as part of a growing, enthusiastic team focused on increasing wildfire resilience through conservation forestry, prescribed burning, structure hardening, ecosystem restoration, and more!

Forestry Job Openings

Positions statewide include:

  • Forestry Aides
  • Forestry Technicians
  • Forestry Assistants
  • Forester I, II
  • Internships

Questions? Connect with our Natural Resources Team.

Join the Parks Family

California State Parks employs numerous part-time positions for seasonal work. No examination is needed to apply for seasonal work - apply today!

  • Park Aides
  • Maintenance Aides
  • Seasonal Lifeguards
  • Seasonal Clerks
  • Archaeological Aides
  • Forestry Aides
  • Environmental Services Interns
  • Park Interpretive Specialists
  • Guide Trainees
  • Student and Graduate Assistants

View Seasonal Openings
More Information on Seasonal Opportunities
Ask a Recruiter

The State Park Interpreter assessments are now available online! Our State Park Interpreters develop interactive educational programs and teach the rich histories of California. Learn more about our California State Parks Interpretive programs!

Take the online assessments:

State Park Interpreter I
Pay: $4,276 - $5,354 (monthly)

State Park Interpreter II
Pay: $4,905 - $6,142 (monthly)

State Park Interpreter III
Pay: $6,096 - $7,574 (monthly)

View our current interpretive openings!

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